The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Anabolic Steroids

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are still used by bodybuilders across the globe. Whether for professional competitions or daily training regimens, steroids help bodybuilders gain more muscle. They also enable lifters to convert fat into lean or bulkier muscle, while enabling them to lift more weights as well. Over the years, bodybuilders have opted for a leaner look — as opposed to gaining mass and bulk. With this in mind, steroids definitely have their advantages for anyone looking to build fast and lean muscle.

However, there are many health risks and side effects associated with excessive use of steroids. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of incorporating steroids into your fitness and workout sessions.

Pros of Steroids

Steroids are designed to increase protein cells within skeletal muscles. This results in users gaining more strength and endurance, as well as improved balance and agility. These supplements even increase testosterone levels, which helps men perform better in bed. Here are some more advantages of taking anabolic steroids:

• Supplements enable athletes to convert fat into muscle. Depending on dosages, users can modify intake to secure mass or lean muscle that correlates with their specific workouts.
• Steroids improve athletic ability for bodybuilders — giving them a better edge for tournaments and competitions.
• These supplements also give the muscles more oxygen, which helps in muscle recovery after light or extensive workouts.
• Steroids increase visual appearance and enhance strength capacities in users.

Cons of Steroids

Anabolic steroids have side effects that vary from person to person. In fact, nearly every medical professional only recommends steroids for specific medical ailments and illnesses. They do not prescribe these supplements for regular use — even if it’s for short-term competitions or fitness regimens. According to healthcare experts, the prolonged use of these supplements can cause the following:

• Organ damage, liver cancer, and hormonal changes.
• Users have also reported severe psychological changes, along with fits of rage an even infertility.
• Steroids have been proven to increase the risk of Hepatitis B and C in users.
• Since non-medical relates steroids are illegal, you can be arrested for using or having these supplements.

Other Risks with Steroids

Excessive use of steroids can result in muscle and tendon tears. Similarly, many users have experienced joint and ligament pain, along with an inability to relax and connect with themselves and stimuli. These supplements can also stunt normal growth for youngsters. In addition, they can cause vein damages, circulatory problems, and respiratory issues. Extended use of steroids can be fatal — and if users are tested positive in competitions — they will be banned from future events.

The Verdict

While there certainly are benefits associated with steroids, the cons truly outweigh the pros. Still, many people continue to use these supplements despite the many health risks associated with mild or extensive usage.