Features to consider when buying the right Sportswear

Buying the best sportswear is never a walk in the park for those looking for a quality, stylish and comfortable piece of clothing that will last them through their sporting activities (axlnivy.no). Fortunately, there are some features you should look out for when shopping around for your next pair of sports shoes or boots or sports clothing:

1. Style

This can be defined as how well it fits with your body shape, whether it’s slimming or curvy (https://axlnivy.no/collections/sports-bra/Sports-bra). You may also want to consider what type of style suits you better; casual or formal? This is important because if you have an athletic build, you’ll need something more fitted than a larger frame. In addition, you might like to think about which color looks good on you – black, white, grey, etc.

2. Size

The second thing to bear in mind when choosing your new outfit is the size. It doesn’t matter if you buy online or from a store, make sure you measure yourself properly before purchasing anything. This way, you won’t end up paying too much money for clothes that aren’t going to fit correctly!

3. Material & Fabrics

There are many different types of fabrics used in making garments today. You must choose wisely so that they suit your needs. Here are just a few examples:

– Cotton – The most common fabric found in everyday wear. However, cotton has been known to cause allergic reactions in people who suffer from asthma. Therefore, if you do suffer from allergies, steer clear of wearing cotton items.

– Polyester – Although polyester is very durable, it tends to shrink over time. So, if you plan on washing regularly, avoid using polyester.

– Nylon – Another popular material used in manufacturing textiles. Unlike other materials such as cotton, nylon does not absorb moisture easily. As a result, it dries quickly after being washed.

– Spandex – An elasticized yarn that gives added stretchability to any garment. – Wool – One of the oldest natural fibers available. Due to its softness, wool is often preferred by women. Men tend to prefer leathers due to their durability.

– Leather – Made from animal skin, leather is extremely hardwearing and long-lasting. It comes in various colors, including brown, tan, red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow, silver and gold.

These are just examples, but you could always ask your friends or family members for recommendations. They probably already own similar pieces of clothing and would love to help you pick the perfect item.

4. Price

Finally, price should never be ignored. There will come a point when you realize that spending $100+ on a single piece of clothing isn’t worth it (https://axlnivy.no/collections/top). Instead, invest in some basic essentials first and save up until you’re ready to splurge on a nice top or pair of jeans.


Basically, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look great every day. All you need to do is follow the tips above, and you’ll soon see results. Remember, dressing appropriately is all about having confidence in your appearance. Don’t worry if you feel self-conscious while trying out sportswear outfits; remember that everyone else around you will notice your efforts. Just try to put yourself in others’ shoes and imagine how you’d react if someone was staring at you.